• 2022

    Huaneng has built the world's largest research and manufacturing base for load-bearing detection cables

  • 2021

    The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China is a specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprise

  • 2020

    The industry standard for oil and gas load-bearing detection cables in the People's Republic of China, drafted with the participation of Huaneng, was officially released in October

  • 2019

    The national standard for internal connection cables of electrical equipment in the People's Republic of China, drafted with the participation of Huaneng, was officially released in December

  • 2017

    Upgrade armored steel wire production line

  • 2016

    Purchase special downhole optical fiber equipment imported from XX, combine our 20 years of experience in load-bearing detection cable, start to develop and produce distributed optical fiber sensing optical fiber load-bearing detection cable

  • 2014

    Won the provincial enterprise technology center and recognized as "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

  • 2011

    Upgrade the system of imported pre stretching equipment. The mechanical equipment is from Krupp, Germany, and the electric control system is from Siemens

  • 2010

    After previous equity changes, the company was renamed Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. in 2010

  • 2008

    Recognized as the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province

  • 2005

    Recognized as the leading enterprise of spark by Jiangsu Science and Technology Summit

  • 2001

    Renamed as Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd., rated as an "advanced private technology enterprise" by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, successfully developed load-bearing detection cables

  • 2000

    Renamed Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd Appraised as an advanced private scientific and technological enterprise by the people's conquest of Jiangsu Province Successful development of load bearing detection cable

  • 1999

    Supporting launch system cable for Shenzhou spacecraft

  • 1997

    The introduction of German pretensioning equipment has opened the process of manufacturing and R & D of load-bearing detection cable The first batch in the industry passed ISO9001 quality system certification

  • 1995

    The plant site was moved from Shahu village, Hubin Township, Gaoyou city to south suburb economic and Technological Development Zone, and the factory was renamed Jiangsu Huaneng Cable General Factory

  • 1993

    Won the first batch of "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprises in Jiangsu Province

  • 1992

    Enterprises awarded the ministry level total quality management standard

  • 1990

    The computer shielded cable was used for the launch of the "Long March II" strap on rocket and won the "thank you letter" from the State Council

  • 1989

    The first shielded cable for computer in China has been developed

  • 1987

    The first flat signal cable for ship in China has been developed

  • 1984

    Our shielded cable has been successfully used in China's test communication satellite launch, and received congratulatory messages from the Central Military Commission and the State Council

  • 1983

    The first shielded control cable for power plants and substations in China has been developed

  • 1980

    The company changed its name to Gaoyou County measurement and control cable factory

  • 1975

    First cable produced

  • 1972

    Founded in June 1972, it is located in Shahu village, Hubin Township, Gaoyou county. It is a village enterprise with 25 employees