Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co.,LTD


The market share of wireline logging cable ranks first in China


28 sales and service outlets across the country almost cover the whole oil field and mining area

30 +

More than 30 countries and regions

50 +

Nearly 50 years of cable production and manufacturing experience

Over 20 years, perfect transformation from industry followers to industry leaders

Since 1997, through technology introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation, Huaneng company has achieved a perfect transformation from industry followers to industry leaders, driving the overall technological progress and industrial development of China's industry. Relying on the development soil provided by the three domestic oil field companies, we have broken the technical barriers that the load bearing detection cables used for complex well conditions must be imported from abroad, kept the pursuit of product quality for over 50 years, and provided the best quality and cost-effective products for the field of energy exploration and development in China.