Cable Type Designation


Cable Type Designation

Product Features

Imported high quality the first grade oxygen free copper.

>  Insulation layer from Basell and Dupont.

Imported high quality 72A high carbon steel, Huaneng heat treatment galvanized drawing production line, we guarantee no splicing.

>  We test the cable breaking strength use "ends FIX" method.

>  Conductors adopts new semi conductive shielding materials for coating processing, cable anti-interference performance is stronger.

>  Cable torque will be eliminated by our patent equipment, users can use cable ditectly in well without being towed on road.

Each sampling have to pass tension test, torsion, bending, wear-resisting.

Each reel of cable have passed comprehensive performance test, tensile force, stable heat through pre-stretching equipment imported from Germany, simulating well etc.

>  IOS 9001 plant certified, AP1 9A certified, Germany TüV certified.

>  Huaneng products have been successfully used in more than 20 overseas countries through cooperation with CNLC, CNPC, CNOOC, and SINOPEC.